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Staffordshire's premier supplier of
Home Brewing Beer, Wine and Spirits Kits.

The Jolly Brewer home brew shop has been trading since 1997. The premises are situated in the Avenue, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent on the North Stafforshire and cheshire border.

Home Brewing has been popular hobby for many, for over 40 years.

Over that time, major progress has been made using new technology to enhance production and manufacturing of quality beer and wine kits. Together with high quality spirit flavours.

These kits now produce beer, wines and spirits on par with any commercial drinks.


So if you enjoy drinking good quality wine, beers and spirits, why not take your interest a little further and enjoy the satisfaction of making your own which will be at a fraction of the cost of commercially produced drinks.

So why not visit our shop where a sample of beer or wine is always available together with any advice you require.

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